• What share does lighting represent in my electricity bill?

    Its share varies from 8 to 80% of the total electricity bill, depending on the type of the activity. The average for the industry is 13% while it climbs up to 36% for tertiary. Most of all and whatever the activity is, the lighting audit reveals in most cases that this share is under estimated !

    Why have a good lighting system?

    The appropriate lighting system is a system that delivers the right quantity of light at the right spot and at the right time while ensuring maximum visual confort. Thus, it allows a proper task execution, the preservation of staff’s health and safety while reducing energy consumption and environmental footprint to the minimum.

    How much can I reduce my operating costs with an ILICO lighting solution?

    Depending on the equipment and how they operate, we can reduce your operating expenses up to 80%. This reduction includes not only energy and maintenance savings, but also improvements in terms of productivity and quality (By the way, ILICO can help you measuring such benefits).

    How do I know if my current lighting systems is compliant?

    The conformity of a lighting system is determined by a set of parameters: illumination levels (Lux), Color Rendering Index (CRI), color temperature (K) and visual comfort (URG). Each task in each activity has its specific set of values and the conformity of a lighting system can only be established after a complete lighting audit of your premises. In addition to such criteria comes the capacity of lighting system to meet the needs of a specific activity, not only in terms of ergonomics but also in terms of flexibilty.

    Why would my system not be compliant?

    Because nine times out of ten, lighting systems are installed before the production equipments or the office layout, sometimes even without knowing the nature of the activity. Therefore, the chosen luminaires, their position and their operating mode may be inadequate.

    I'm aware that the lighting systems of my buildings are old but they operate and I have other priorities!

    Nous savons que vous avez d’autres priorités. C’est pourquoi, tout au long de votre projet, nous fonctionnons de manière totalement autonome, sans solliciter aucune de vos ressources. Nous ne pouvons concevoir que le seul manque de temps vous empêche de réduire vos coûts d’exploitation et d’améliorer votre productivité : nous nous en chargeons pour vous !

    I replaced all my fluorescent tubes with LED tubes. Did I properly optimized my lighting system?

    LED tubes can appear to be an easy-to-implement and promising solution to reduce operating costs. In reality, a simple replacement of fluorescent tubes with LED tubes deteriorates the photometric settings of your luminaires. In other words: your reduce the power of your systems as well as its illumination capabilities.
    In addition, such solution does not correct either a wrong luminaires’ implementation or the absence of a lighting management system, mains levers for lighting optimization.
    Therefore, and given the high cost of LED tubes (10 times the one of a fluorescent tube) and their current performance (40% less lihgt for the best in-class products available today), such a solution can turn out to be a false good idea.

    After all, is it worth it to change my lighting system?

    Only a detailled assessement of the benefits generated by the new intelligent and optimized lihgting systems and its related investment, prior to the renovation, can answer this question. This approach is the founding principle of ILICO

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