Who are we ?

ILICO – Intelligent LIghting COmpany is the first company specialized in intelligent lighting services

  • We design and implement intelligent and optimized lighting systems tailored to each project, delivering the right light only when it is required, independently from any manufacturer or contractor. We work within the industry, services and public authorities.

    In professional buildings, lighting represents a significant part of the energy consumption: from 8% to 80% depending on the sector. Even so, up to 90% of this energy bill could be saved thanks to intelligent systems providing at the same time savings, performance and flexibility.

    Experts in their field, ILICO’s engineers have developed a unique know-how to reduce operating costs and environmental footprints to the minimum while improving comfort, safety and productivity.

    The exclusive approach is the result of many years of research and innovation and has succeeded in optimising energy consumption while improving illumination quality.

    The implementation of new technologies require the help of lighting specialists who not only master them but also adapt them perfectly to customers’ needs.

    ILICO is the first actor on the market with such a double expertise.

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